Together for a better future

POYWE President Karin Peham-Strauss engaged together with her partners from Falcogroup in bringing together youth workers for a study visit in Russia from 6 – 13. April 2018.

The group that got the chance to visit various places in Krasnador and Moscow and even meet policy makers and other stakeholders consisted of youth workers from Albania, Armenia, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lebanon, Palestine, Poland, Russia, Tunisia and the United Kingdom.

They compiled 8 things that they feel they achieved together here:

Gaining a better understanding about the realities of youth work in different parts of Europe, exchanging experiences and tools, build new partnerships and engage in dialogue – all that for together raising the quality of youth work and make the world a tiny bit better – is exactly what POYWE was created for. So we are looking forward to hearing more about those results and maybe meet some of the participants again in our trainings and/or statutatory meetings.