The annual Ungdom og Fritid Award

POYWE Member Undgom og Fritid has an annual award that goes to a person, a place or a project that have done incredible impact for young people in Norway and for youth work in general.

The winner of the Ungdom og Fritid award 2018 is E@Internettkafeen at Inderøy. The price thus goes to no less than 18 young people who have the responsibility to run a youth club in Inderøy municipality.

This activity has a huge amount of youth participation. It is an example of young people who contribute for the benefit of a better leisure time for other young people in their community. Through the work they do, they show inclusion, co-operation and mastery in practice. These young people are an investment in the future, says board member in Ungdom og Fritid, Annenth Vijayaindra (17).

E@Internettkafeen, co-operates with local companies and has a foodprogram for pupils at the local schools. They arrange projects on topics like prevention of exclusion, radicalization, violent extremism and mental health. They also arrange trips, concerts, exhibitions, dialougemeeting, partys and a lot of other activities. They also welcome young volunteers through the Erasmus + programme.

Congratulations to E@Internettkafeen also from our side – keep up the good work!