International Journal of Open Youth Work – Volume 2

We are proud to present the international journal of OPEN YOUTH WORK VOL 2-learning from practice.

The Journal is the second in the series and consists of five co-written articles:

The first article is a best practice example about how youth workers can
create dialogue between young Swedes and young arriving refugees. The
second article addresses an important discussion about how open youth
work perspectives can be adapted and used in a formal school setting.
The third article brings us to the Greek town of Patras and an examination
of the methodologies used in the project PLOUTOS. Erasmus + grants are
important for the field of youth work; the fourth article examines and
investigates a strategic partnership within the Erasmus + Programme, and
gives important insight into successes and challenges in such projects.
The last article in this issue problematizes the key competencies of nonformal
learning in youth work in an Estonian context.

This issue is enriched with four conference papers from the launching conference in Lithuania in Jan 2017.

The Journal is a collaboration between: Ungdom Og Fritid, ERN (Eurpoean Research Network), Malmö University, Newman University, University of Iceland and Poywe (profesional open youth work).

Enjoy Reading: