LOGBOOK #4 – it is all about participation

What happens when young people set out to save their youth services, how can LGBTQ young people and those with mental health issues participate in our societies, what do young refugees in Europe have to say about their participation, how to use new technologies for involving young peoples ideas and why do young people sometimes not take up the participation opportunities offered to them?

We look at some methods like using the passion for soccer for connecting young people to the community and we put the spot on professional open youth work in Estonia, Iceland and Serbia.

We have read the study on the impact of EVS for you (and added some more on the current changes that come with the European Solidarity Corps) and we asked our friends from the International Youth Work Trainers Guild to present themselves.

Last but not least we hear the voice of a young person and “her” youth worker – our duo this time comes from the UK.

Enjoy browsing and reading and let us know what you think!

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